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How many transactions have you lost because your buyer could not meet traditional loan guidelines, even though they have demonstrate a strong ability to repay? These missed opportunities are frustrating for borrowers and costly for you – but not any longer!
Our Portfolio Lending products can save the day.
Executive Home Lending introduces a variety “loan saver” products that can save your deal:
Homeowner's Access – Features include a maximum DTI of 50%, allowances for 30- or 60-day mortgage lates within the past year, and 24-month seasoning for housing/credit events.
Fresh Start – For borrowers that have been prevented from achieving mortgage financing due to a short sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or deed in lieu in the past 24 months.
Be a real problem-solver for property investors and Jumbo borrowers
These Portfolio Lending products help you close high-value loans:
Elite Access For borrowers with a higher-qualifying FICO. Up to $3 million with no MI requirement and maximum 95% LTV ratios. Asset depletion and Restricted Stock Income options.
Premier Access loans offer 5% down with no MI, up to $3 million in funds, and up to 55% DTI ratios. Borrowers purchasing an owner-occupied property may own unlimited investment properties. Asset depletion and Restricted Stock Income options.
Investment Loans offer 620 FICOs and up to $2 million in funds ($1.5 million with 80% LTV). Delayed financing with lower rate/term financing enables borrowers to recoup cash quickly.
Empire Access Exclusively for New York Borrowers who require up to $3 million with 680 FICOs. The Empire Elite suite of products allow maximum 95% LTV ratios and no MI.

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