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Our Process



Our common-sense approach begins immediately with a goal to perform upfront underwriting on every file within six hours.

When we collect a completed application with the proper documentation, our underwriters immediately review that file and make an initial credit decision. We don't wait for the borrower to go under contract or the file to be fully processed. We believe homebuyers deserve a bona fide initial credit decision, so they know exactly how much they can afford before they make an offer on a house. Shop for a new home with the confidence of a pre-approval based on an underwrite, not just income and credit scores.

6 Hour Underwriting Goal
7 Day Processing


Here's a big difference between Executive Home Lending and our competition: We work to meet goals, not deadlines.

Once a loan file enters our processing department, our teams are structured and motivated toward a goal to complete processing in seven business days. Why should you wait weeks for something that may be completed faster? Most of our borrowers have a mortgage headed to closing days and weeks before they’re even ready to sign.


Missed closing dates are one of the best ways to ruin a smooth home-buying process.

Our goal is to deliver a closing that exceeds expectations. Because we underwrite upfront and set 7-day processing goals, we do our best to finish the checklist by getting each file ready to close in one business day. We’ll even strive to release the closing package a week or more before the closing date, just to give extra time for review before it’s too late.

1 Day Closing